Local Attractions

Greyfriars Lodge is situated in the centre of Canterbury, only 30 seconds away from the High Street and a wide range of shops, cafes and restaurants. Canterbury is also home to a number of entertaining, historical, educational and beautiful attractions that are sure to suit everybody's taste.

The Greyfriars Chapel and Gardens:

The Friars first arrived in Canterbury in 1224 and founded the first English Franciscan Friary in 1267, Greyfriars Chapel is the only surviving building from that time.

Set in the stunning Franciscan Gardens this iconic building still hosts an Anglican Eucharist service every Wednesday at 12:30.

While entrance is free to these beautiful gardens and the historic exhibition on the lower floor, donations are encouraged for the upkeep of one of the most important and beautiful pieces of Canterburys history.

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(All travel times given are approximate.)

- Canterbury Cathedral - 4 Minutes Walk/0.2 Miles

Pilgrims and visitors have made their way to Canterbury Cathedral since the middle ages. It remains one of the most visited places in the country.

Canterbury Cathedral is one of the oldest and most famous christian structures in England and forms part of a world heritage site.

It is the Cathedral of the Archbishop of Canterbury, leader of the Church of England and symbolic leader of the Worldwide Anglican Community. 

- Canterbury Tales - 4 Minutes Walk/0.2 Miles

A unique introduction to Canterbury and its famous literary connection.

During your adventure you will join Geoffrey Chaucher and his pilgrims on a journey of discovery from London to the shrine of St Thomas Beckett at Canterbury Cathedral.

Chauchers colourful and entertaining stories of love, romance, jealousy and trickery are brought to life for all ages to enjoy at the Canterbury Tales.

- Canterbury Heritage Museum - 1 Minute Walk/0.06 Miles

The Canterbury Heritage Museum is housed in the 12th century poor priests hospital on Stour Street. 

It exhibits the Canterbury Cross and contains a gallery dedicated to Rupert Bear whose creator Mary Tourtel lived in Canterbury.

- Canterbury Roman Museum - 4 Minutes Walk/0.2 Miles

Descend 100 years to the roman street level where you can walk beside a roman pavement, take a stroll through the marketplace, peek inside recreated roman rooms and discover amazing finds, including hidden treasure.

- St. Augustine's Abbey - 12 Minutes Walk/0.6 Miles

St. Augustines Abbey was originally created as a burial place for the Kings of Kent.

The Abbey marked the rebirth of christianity on Southern England, it was founded shortly after AD 597 by St Augustine. It is now a part of the Canterbury world heritage site along with Canterbury Cathedral and St. Martins Church.

- Canterbury Punting Co. - 2 Minutes Walk/0.08 Miles

If you want to escape the busy pavements and see a side of Canterbury that you cannot see from the streets, Canterbury Punting Co. is for you.

- Canterbury Historic River Tours - 2 Minutes Walk/0.07 Miles

An enjoyable insight into Canterbury's historic past that can capture the imagination of all ages.

The chauffeurs and guides will present the historical facts of the passing buildings and monuments in a light hearted and entertaining manner to keep all ages interested.

- Beaney Art Museum (The Beaney house of Art and Knowledge)- 1 Minute Walk/0.05 Miles

The Beaney was reopened in September 2012 following careful repair and restoration. 

The new facility provides state of the art exhibition galleries, a new library, learning facilities and a wide variety of events and activities for all ages.

- Dane John Gardens - 6 Minutes Walk/0.3 Miles

A historical park within Canterbury city walls which dates back to 1551 and includes a mound that historical records prove was there in the first century AD.

With a safe play area for children, a bandstand for summer concerts and a fountain which provides a focus for the shaded walk along the avenue of lime trees, the Dane John Gardens is perfect at any time of day.

- Westgate Gardens - 5 Minutes Walk/0.2 Miles

Found close to the city centre next to the Westgate Towers, these gardens are ideal for a stroll along The River Stour where the environment is perfect for swans, ducks and moorhens to settle and raise their young. It is also a great location to sit down, relax and have a picnic whilst enjoying the scenery and wildlife.

- Marlowe Theatre - 3 Minutes Walk/0.2 Miles

The Marlowe Theatre is a 1,200 seat theatre which was re-opened in October 2011 after a major redevelopment.

The theatre is named after the playwright Christopher Marlowe who was born and attended school in the city.

- Odeon Cinema - 9 Minutes Walk/0.4 Miles

Odeon Cinemas is a British Chain of Cinemas, one of the largest in Europe. Showing films that suit all ages at times to suit everybody, from an afternoon showing to relax after a busy morning of shopping to an evening showing to round off the day.


- Canterbury Christ Church University - 15 Minutes Walk/0.7 Miles

- University of Kent - 25 Minutes by Bus/2.5 Miles

- Canterbury College - 14 Minutes Walk/0.7 Miles

- Hadlow College - 18 Minutes Walk/0.9 Miles